My name is James and I love supercars! My dream car is a 2004 Ferrari Challenge Stradale, hence the screen name "Strad"man.

I own a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo in Arancio Borealis and I live in Park City, Utah.

Check out on Facebook and Instagram @thestradman for pictures as well:

  • K.C. S.
    K.C. S.

    Say “wide body” ONE more time…. LOL

  • Bibb oh c Gjlbbeh
    Bibb oh c Gjlbbeh

    you should wrap the gtr tiffany blue

  • Ripper Elite
    Ripper Elite

    Teal would be a fire color

  • Drxp ψ
    Drxp ψ

    imagine being on the highway and seeing his veyron drive by you


    do the gtr midnight purple

  • Spiro Stanfield Jr
    Spiro Stanfield Jr

    Wow The beginning is so beautiful

  • Diego Angulo
    Diego Angulo

    Raptor GTR in midnight read

  • Ryanaung Ryanchen
    Ryanaung Ryanchen

    And urus grey

  • Ryanaung Ryanchen
    Ryanaung Ryanchen

    Wrap it blue or orange

  • Kyle C
    Kyle C

    Wait you just did a pull on 91 with the hot tune in it? Hmmm prob not a good idea

  • Devour Rythmics
    Devour Rythmics

    Go like a lime green for the GTR to switch it up and match the theme

  • AiDAN DK
    AiDAN DK

    i dont want to be the to say this but nobody else will, the gtr is basically "rice"

  • Tyler Angelica
    Tyler Angelica

    what happened to the gallardo??

  • Flora Richard
    Flora Richard

    Pls do the wide body bug

  • Jamie McKinney
    Jamie McKinney

    These vlogs keep getting shorter🤨

  • Rangeraholic

    Maybe not the right grade of gas?

  • Ryanaung Ryanchen
    Ryanaung Ryanchen

    I love your videos

  • Chase Brummer
    Chase Brummer

    Where’s the Lamborghini Gallardo

  • Fernando Vega
    Fernando Vega

    How much would be for a ride in you cars for my birthday

  • Shawn McFarland
    Shawn McFarland

    Vapor locked

  • Riley Darnell
    Riley Darnell

    He always has some wacky pair of shorts on

  • Ryan Reid
    Ryan Reid


  • breeze catcher
    breeze catcher

    strady needs to steady up that camera and take it easy on the snow..enjoy him but this erratic camera work is a PITA

  • chrisgraydon

    I have a 2012 Nissan Sentra S with over 224,000 miles on it. Never had an issue with the original CVT. I changed the fluid every 60,000 miles as required in the owner’s manual. Nissan is capable to be reliable as Toyota and Honda. You haters should learn how to read a manual and drive a car properly and you won’t have any problems long term.

  • kajau16 alt
    kajau16 alt

    Wait is the bugkiller is Oscar i wish he is

  • The Galaxy's Defender
    The Galaxy's Defender

    I think adding a tiny bit of camber would top it off

  • Lando Callord
    Lando Callord

    gotta put some protective film for the GTR

  • James Brey
    James Brey

    To bad it’s white !!! Lame !!!

  • Keith Jackson
    Keith Jackson

    What does this guy do for a living?

  • Usay Uwannit
    Usay Uwannit

    When's the road trip to Mehico.

  • Turtle King_07
    Turtle King_07

    you need to put the spacers on it’s gonna kill my ocd😂

  • James Brey
    James Brey

    Tess is watching very closely !!! She’s thinking she can do 250 in that car !!!


    Wrap the bugkiller into blue 🔵 it's going to be insane

  • Bradley Dolland
    Bradley Dolland

    Yellow gtr

  • M1 plays
    M1 plays

    The onlything u need is a big spoiler for wide body to be complete

  • Hayyan boy
    Hayyan boy

    When is your Buggati's Headlight gonna arive

  • O Lope
    O Lope

    Nissans look fire in Burnt Orange🔸️🔶️🔸️

  • Jayden Games
    Jayden Games

    I already seen a sneak peek of the GTR on One of your Tiktoks

  • Rushan R.
    Rushan R.

    He get in the Bugatti like he’s playing gta

  • X_Sammnn

    There’s been a lot of talk for Wine Red or Red wrap on the Gtr. Which one will it be ? 🤔

  • manav sreeranj
    manav sreeranj

    Wide body the world

  • dalmar karama
    dalmar karama

    Everybody like it up 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

  • Halfstack film Production
    Halfstack film Production

    The red from the R8 side shoops

  • Juvexiia

    make that tesla a widebody tesla

  • Jacob Zakutney
    Jacob Zakutney

    What about like a lime green for the gtr? Al you will see is a blur when you see it fly by

  • CZ StuioWorks
    CZ StuioWorks

    From bumper of the GTR looks like garbage! Wtf is that

  • Cozy 6
    Cozy 6

    Wrap the gtr forest green

  • Alex 5209
    Alex 5209

    imagine if he wrapped the gtr yellow

  • frost gaming break
    frost gaming break

    Plis the wheel is will be bbs wheel or some deep wheel

  • Selve Krishnan
    Selve Krishnan


  • Mason Lambert
    Mason Lambert

    And he says he wants to hold the camera

  • son of God
    son of God

    Lime green should be the wrap

  • Shaquille Oatmeal 777
    Shaquille Oatmeal 777

    Green gtr 🤔

  • Practical Applications
    Practical Applications

    Careful, have fun!

  • Induranga W
    Induranga W

    "Never ever ever dout your self" 🤩🤩🤩

  • Horror plush Films 2
    Horror plush Films 2

    Where and what time is Monterrey car week?

  • Mike Love
    Mike Love

    Bugatti trash 🤣🤣🤣 shelby raptor and gtr are so good

  • shafquat Ibn Musawil
    shafquat Ibn Musawil

    i hope one day you become one of the richest man on earth ur the best u always make me laugh when ever im sad *thinks inside mind hope my gf doesn't see this hehe lol* and another think u should buy a tesla model s plaid

  • Aiden Stinson
    Aiden Stinson

    You know its gonna be a good day when Stradman uploads

  • 2GB gamer
    2GB gamer

    It stalled becz it's on 91 octane

  • Baylin Brigman
    Baylin Brigman

    U gooooooooot to get a huge wing to make it look like something out of gta

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae

    U should get Oscar a haircut he would look really cute

  • Dillon Smith
    Dillon Smith

    Gas plays a big part in making a car run

  • Moussa Niang
    Moussa Niang

    @6:02 your seat is looking at you like “where’s the munchies “ 😭😂😂

  • Shawn Floyd
    Shawn Floyd

    Get some jo jo's in Sun Valley.

  • Future SuperCar king
    Future SuperCar king

    That wing and those wheels are killing me

  • ZaeX

    Wrap the GTR a glossy steel blue or a Matt cherry red

  • Jon Woodruff
    Jon Woodruff

    So when is the urus going purple…?

  • Sean Bolas
    Sean Bolas

    I kinda like the oem spoiler with the widebody

  • Stijn Ruyter
    Stijn Ruyter

    When is the gallardo coming back

  • Maureen Seño
    Maureen Seño


  • smilelyjr284

    meet up with DDE in cali..

  • Aryan Malhotra
    Aryan Malhotra

    Wide body Bugatti would make no sense it’s wide af already

  • Shane K
    Shane K

    You should wrap the GTR your dads favorite colors!

  • smilelyjr284

    yes wide body bugatti never sell it

  • Dillon Smith
    Dillon Smith

    Like a good neighbor stradman is their

  • Fred Shy
    Fred Shy

    Turn the fuel pump ON!!