I got a NASCAR!
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  • Lil J
    Lil J

    Strad wth 😂😂😂

  • 8LugDrift

    Wait till he learns what a fuel pump cutoff switch is. It will blow his mind.

  • Cowerdnerd Despacito
    Cowerdnerd Despacito

    This physically hurts to watch please for Christ sake stop calling it a nascar Also a STOCK CAR has a fuel shut off valve which is probably off also STOCK CARs shut them selves off if they don’t move so they can’t idle for too long

  • Cowerdnerd Despacito
    Cowerdnerd Despacito

    NASCAR is the sport The car is referred to as a Stock car or cup car

  • Benjamin Win Myint
    Benjamin Win Myint

    you talk too much

  • Ryan Penalosa
    Ryan Penalosa

    the fuel is a green 98 octane

  • Noah Shantz
    Noah Shantz

    2 seconds later 10000 miles away from home

  • Noah Shantz
    Noah Shantz

    Them trying to get it to start: c'mon!!! C'mon!!! C'mon!!!!!!!! start up baby!!!!!!

  • TrainsForever 2021
    TrainsForever 2021

    I would crap my pants if I heard a noice and saw that out my window 😂

  • Abdul Habibee
    Abdul Habibee

    u talk too much

  • Usay Uwannit
    Usay Uwannit

    When's the road trip to Mehico.

  • Dillon Smith
    Dillon Smith

    Gas plays a big part in making a car run

  • Dillon Smith
    Dillon Smith

    Like a good neighbor stradman is their

  • Fred Shy
    Fred Shy

    Turn the fuel pump ON!!

  • mr loganz
    mr loganz

    Damn the ssg shirt

  • Tyler Sterling
    Tyler Sterling

    Good bye sparkle plugs!!!

  • BossAura YT
    BossAura YT

    Make another nascar vid 😩

  • Darius P
    Darius P

    The only people who should be banned from owning these particular cars are the ones who call them "NasCARs".. (NASCAR is the sanctioning body that regulates the series. Like the NFL, NBA, etc.)

  • Joel Bulger
    Joel Bulger

    Could they have parked outside the neighborhood and you got the vehicle out to the truck ?

  • antfbi

    Your editing is like a 10 year old did it

  • G K
    G K

    What clowns watch this guy !

  • Dillion McKnight
    Dillion McKnight

    Yall ever check it for gas 🤣🤣

  • TheTeenAgeKid 2
    TheTeenAgeKid 2

    The sweet sweet sound of car

  • stank

    My god you have turned into cringe and yall dont even know how to use starting fluid lol

  • Steven Gaskill
    Steven Gaskill

    Lay off the energy drinks and stop slinging that camera around like a fucking tweaker FFS!

  • Theory

    When you don’t turn the fuel pump on 🤣

  • Jdogs garage Get Er done
    Jdogs garage Get Er done

    Out of gas

  • Jack Brister
    Jack Brister

    Imagine being the owner of this car watching ur car be cranked over and over with no fucking gas in it

  • Carlogamer946 =}
    Carlogamer946 =}


  • Perfect Potential
    Perfect Potential

    Maybe fuel it up? 😀 Srsly, thats the reason _sometimes_

  • Jen Gaming
    Jen Gaming

    do you know bts?

  • brendan bbeeson
    brendan bbeeson

    at is next a track

  • Inside Stuff Jamie
    Inside Stuff Jamie

    The cops. see you speeding on the free way pulls you over do you own this car You. Yes officer it's stock

  • B4WD_M4DZ

    Rusty Wallace is the shit. He drove me around in Anderson sc in his stock car then we got to drive !!

  • William Travis
    William Travis

    #2 Blast Car!

  • William Travis
    William Travis

    Stradman, Johnny makes a great sidekick!

  • mooistheroo

    a nascar... is a cringe way of saying it.

  • Evil Blanket
    Evil Blanket

    Says he doesn't want to break it *2 seconds later: Randomly playing with the gears.* 🤣💥

  • Lambofambo180

    James, can you buy a 1999 Honda civic and mod it? It would be super funny and would probably get lots of views lol!!!

  • Diana Howard
    Diana Howard

    The medical broccoli micrencephaly greet because flat radiologically watch under a doubtful aluminium. slimy, colorful zebra

  • Efra .45
    Efra .45

    Where do yall get this much energy from💀

  • gmh6477

    Wow. Unbelievable stupidity. This vid should be titled How to ruin a race engine 😕 I’m gonna guess they never turned on the fuel pump.

  • honiballist

    7:08 nuts. I love it!

  • LD Zebrie
    LD Zebrie

    Dumb question but is there fuel in the car?

  • Evan

    At least try to know what the damn thing is actually called

    • TheStradman

      Lol it’s going to be okay

  • Andrewtheking 506
    Andrewtheking 506

    So wait you own a racing league

  • Adan Sanchez
    Adan Sanchez


  • Xzavier Daugherty
    Xzavier Daugherty

    Why doesn't Ontario allow you too own a Nascar that's so bs bruh I want to do that your lucky

  • TTocs Elbag
    TTocs Elbag

    NASCAR is not a noun.

  • shrek smith
    shrek smith

    i can inmagine standing next to that thing is like standing next to a thunderstorm

  • ProTaken

    If you lived near him I better get used to cars starting

  • HellbentAttic50

    They kinda forcing the engine with the startup...

  • Kacekoshi 123
    Kacekoshi 123

    I wish i lived in that neighborhood i love the sound of cars

  • Puppy King
    Puppy King

    iT uSeS rEd BuLl

  • _Ichiroshima_

    Neighbor: What is that noise?? >:( Neighbor: *looks outside* Neighbor: *ooh a NASCAR :O*

  • Dan Wright
    Dan Wright

    That man with the long ginger beard has an epic beard. Does anyone of y’all know what his Instagram is????

  • xd josh
    xd josh

    My two favourite 4wds in your driveway


    That's a no for me dog. Your "crew" has no idea what they are doing.

    • TheStradman

      Lol okay

  • lee harvey oswald
    lee harvey oswald

    i love how he still speeds with a off duty cop

  • KiFE :P
    KiFE :P


  • __Jayden

    Wait, Do nascars only have the ability to turn left? Wtf? Why? That would just make it so much harder to control

  • Ice

    1 year later he takes delivery of an F1 car

  • Analu Tsukasa-asagra
    Analu Tsukasa-asagra

    I’d be the kind of neighbor to look outside my window just to see if Yur outside just so I can watch you to see if Yur gonna start one of your cars or something lmao

  • Jonathan Logan
    Jonathan Logan

    stock car*

  • Danny Schmid
    Danny Schmid

    This is just awesome!!!!!!!!

  • Ya boi Calle
    Ya boi Calle

    I feel sorry for your neighbour but I would love to be yours

  • Dan Madsen
    Dan Madsen

    IF that car was in the 2007 Daytona 500... I was at the race that car ran in lol

  • ExOtiCoLoRs995

    best looking body on a nascar imo (excluding the amazing og nascars)

  • Jacob Brown
    Jacob Brown

    Me wondering if they turned on the fuel pump

  • Macoladon C
    Macoladon C

    I’ve always wanted to take a video of these people just yelling at their cameras

  • Gabriel Case
    Gabriel Case

    common strad, ever heard of tie downs?! they are quite nice for reducing the chance of an object falling off on the freeway...

  • Drake Smith
    Drake Smith

    Oh boy.. here come the mad nascar fans I’m one of them lol

  • Clayton Nunez
    Clayton Nunez

    That nascar takes fossil fuel

  • israel mendoza
    israel mendoza

    Cup car

  • Cody Price
    Cody Price

    Dude I’d have no problem being your neighbor

  • Kap Staccs
    Kap Staccs

    wait......so this is johnny on the spot eh?

  • Mr Moth
    Mr Moth

    you have as many cars as a gta character, thats amazing

  • Cjroizon

    Wait for the neighborhood Karen’s to show up

  • Liam Fisketjon
    Liam Fisketjon

    Nascar car***

  • Vacant

    its not a nascar, its a stock car. Nascar is association bud.

    • KiFE :P
      KiFE :P

      You're smart

  • MaD707MaN

    Rich guy with cars rarely means car guy.

  • Silver Load
    Silver Load

    It’s carbureted you got to pump the shit out of it

  • Da Persian Prince
    Da Persian Prince

    The CAR SOLD FOR JUST OVER $70,000!!! So STRAD, you can afford to blow it up!!! Lol ! It hadn’t been started since 2009 at good wood though FYI, they said all the fluids had been changed right before it went up for auction in Georgia though, but you def need gas at 110 Octane also!!!! You prolly already knew this though!

  • Yolopolotyu R
    Yolopolotyu R

    Imagine listening to like nascars an lambos

  • Noah Jones
    Noah Jones

    Make another video of it driving

  • S.i 2
    S.i 2


  • Jacy de Jongh
    Jacy de Jongh

    Of Course The Spacestation Gaming Shirt LET’S GOOO

  • Brant Sowa
    Brant Sowa

    It probably needs a fuel pump

  • this dude
    this dude


  • Devin Johnston
    Devin Johnston

    “ I really feel bad for my neighbors” as he’s yelling and screaming outside with the other guy

  • Paper Man
    Paper Man

    I love the fact nascar has been going hard on road courses lately and people still think they only drive left lol. It's actually kinda funny.

  • hi

  • Will Baker
    Will Baker

    "i apologize for... existing."

  • SkylineDream777

    Bro you are killing me calling it a nascar. Lmao. Your killing me smalls.

  • Andy Chen
    Andy Chen

    The car is worth 570,000 or 1.8milion