Introducing my Widebody "Bug Killer" Nissan GTR
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  • Zain Salim Autos
    Zain Salim Autos

    He Loves Sports Cars


    Hey Stradman, just a heads up, you should let your car idle for about 20 seconds after you do your revs.

  • Ryan gaming 22
    Ryan gaming 22

    If you bought the hycade bodykit for the Gtr it would be so wideee

  • Danial zharif
    Danial zharif

    Ppl:stop buying cars Mind:buy a car bro Stradman: searching on autotempest Bugatti chiron

  • Erning Oli
    Erning Oli

    Bugatti veyron vs bugatti veyron

  • Evan Scott
    Evan Scott

    Maybe you should hang out I have a Carme in the ceiling

  • Liam McNamara
    Liam McNamara


  • Luisplayz

    im pretty sure that when you stop, you need to have your foot pushed on the clutch

  • pog

    You look like dhar man

  • Yuri Fernandez
    Yuri Fernandez

    Dog chillin with the lambos

  • Aviation kayden
    Aviation kayden

    I thought that you were giving your C8 Away

  • kinganmol

    It’s been 2 months I been watching you really good I love you vids

  • _ Carspiration _
    _ Carspiration _

    The color of that Murci is just beautiful ❤

  • Wyatt cooper
    Wyatt cooper

    Rev it so it doesn’t do that

  • Mason Hishal
    Mason Hishal

    I did the omaze and i gave 100$

    • Mason Hishal
      Mason Hishal

      Also I donated

  • Nate Muse
    Nate Muse

    !when is your gallardo going to be done?!!?!!!!!!!

  • Walker McMillan
    Walker McMillan

    I was about to pass out when he said the first time win this corvette.


    The merci looks like a gallardo

  • The Power Of Games
    The Power Of Games

    Orange! plz do Orange

  • movie clips and trailers
    movie clips and trailers

    The Corvette is insane

  • Umie Alex
    Umie Alex

    I came back here after 1 year of not watching his videos and still loved his videos.

  • Chase Douglas
    Chase Douglas

    He took this picture 11 days after i was born

  • Liam Nubla
    Liam Nubla

    What happened to the orange lambo

  • Anthony DiCarlo
    Anthony DiCarlo

    Rip jazz

  • WhyPlayz

    12:12 😲😲😲

  • grady marty
    grady marty

    The illustrious david perceptually blink because ornament geographically scorch modulo a evasive nest. entertaining, frantic nut

  • Zoila Belliard
    Zoila Belliard

    Its a urus

  • jerome otieno
    jerome otieno

    paint it pink I mean you have 2 blue cars , 2 purple cars. Get another purple one

  • Nate Martinez
    Nate Martinez

    Yo I’m from Utah too!

  • Tristan Hofer
    Tristan Hofer

    Keep the revs up when u stop to keep it from stalling😂

  • 86_mustang

    I love to see the man drive a manuel

  • Mxctic

    Sheeeeesh them shorts doe

  • Eddie Aquino
    Eddie Aquino

    My Manuel 2006 Toyota Corolla has the same exact issue it idles and kinda goes up and down

  • Chris Manjuris
    Chris Manjuris

    This guy gets a new car every week and I’m here for it 😂

  • Rusty Astro
    Rusty Astro


  • Marco Adams
    Marco Adams

    Buy a 50th year anniversary liberty walk lamborghini aventador

  • Marley Agliam
    Marley Agliam

    ¥ə§ ňįçə çæř

  • Tyler Lambert
    Tyler Lambert

    i submitted twice no way i win lmao 😂

  • Conner Pyne
    Conner Pyne

    paint the urus rosso pyra

  • Toby Dewhurst
    Toby Dewhurst

    2nd viper ***

  • Mkmoas

    Not again

  • Farmsim20 Gaming
    Farmsim20 Gaming

    You’ve got a sticker throttle

  • john94si

    The idle issue is a vacuum leak. Just check the emission hoses for cracks with a smoke machine

  • Nizzleknight


  • Wendell Tacusalme
    Wendell Tacusalme

    Stradman: Baby Lambo Look Your Handsome Lamborghini: DID SOME ONE SAID SREAM

  • Bryl Atega
    Bryl Atega

    Am i the only one seeing a Ferrari at the background of the gtr

    • Aman Ashraf
      Aman Ashraf

      The blue is the c8 and the red is a Claytons jeep

    • Aman Ashraf
      Aman Ashraf


  • abhay *-*
    abhay *-*


  • Raymond 04
    Raymond 04

    You should wrap the gtr like a satin lime green that’d look sick on that car

  • SC&DC Sports cars and diecast Channel
    SC&DC Sports cars and diecast Channel

    The best looking Murcielago ever! I hope I can get one in the future...

  • MvK Aura
    MvK Aura

    strad is forever giving away c8s

  • Aaron Mistry
    Aaron Mistry

    Change your spark plugs bro 😂

  • Fidel Mendoza
    Fidel Mendoza

    Guys is Omaze legit? Really want an opportunity at a c8

  • Bryan Cordeiro
    Bryan Cordeiro

    Where is the orange Lambo where is he I thought you said he’s getting so bored bring your back or tell us when he’s coming back

  • Laporch


  • F00

    That screw driver hitting the bumper. No......

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson

    Lime green

  • Name

    2 years until I get my drivers license :D 14 and love cars

  • brorlol


  • CUTTEx

    i love this guy i hate lambos but he makes his lambos feel like different car i only like his lambos

  • Destro 356
    Destro 356

    Please record what Oscar do in his room when you start a loud car 😀

  • Seeking SoFlo
    Seeking SoFlo

    GTR needs to be a nice nismo/hot-rod red

  • J Needham
    J Needham

    GTR wrap yellow metallic

  • K2b3zzy

    Lime green gtr

  • Larry Ganz
    Larry Ganz

    You got Purple, Pink, Blue, Green-ish, so next wrap for GTR is Day-Glo Yellow or Orange (Or lime green, no mermaid)..

  • I watch You
    I watch You

    Bro he took that pic of the lambo Murci one month before I was born in 2006

  • That one Guy
    That one Guy

    Wanna know what’s cool. We got the same pineapple shorts😆😆

  • Dilly Dilly
    Dilly Dilly

    I honestly think it would be so sick if the GTR was wrapped the same color it was originally, or sand. If not, maybe red or green or yellow

  • Shannon Hamilton
    Shannon Hamilton

    Ron Jeremy the bug killa

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name


  • Scott Carroll
    Scott Carroll

    wrap the gtr yellow

  • Kanza Adi
    Kanza Adi

    wrap the car orange?

  • Eric Brion
    Eric Brion


  • Eric Brion
    Eric Brion


  • Eric Brion
    Eric Brion


  • Eric Brion
    Eric Brion

    Ben you guys are welcome

  • Eric Brion
    Eric Brion

    Piggy and I will have to you tomorrow

  • BoraXpro_250

    pls buy nissan skyline r32

  • the Walker
    the Walker

    The beeping looked like it was the ABS because the light was on when it was beeping and went off when it stopped

  • Luis Gali
    Luis Gali

    why 2 channels about the same?


    I just saw the titile and I'm already happy :D



  • Arijus

    Where is your orange lambo?

  • MrBlood

    bring back the purple cars so rap it purple

  • PT Fitness
    PT Fitness

    Have to go lime green on the GT-R !! #skittlesloading

  • Bigfoot Garage
    Bigfoot Garage

    GTR needs to be obnoxiously yellow

  • Xxiknowmynamelolxx 6
    Xxiknowmynamelolxx 6


  • M Y mohamed
    M Y mohamed

    The widebody gtr has to be MATTE BLACK

  • iiRonaldMusic

    I think ima try win the corvette.. NOT for me, for my dad. He loves cars and the corvette is his dream car! And he needs a break from work..

  • Pratik Bhardwaj
    Pratik Bhardwaj

    In india we have summers of 113*F to 118*F , i would love a max of 105*F summer .

  • Ruben Escobar
    Ruben Escobar

    Not an idle issue I think it's a throttle issue. My theory is that the throttle is dirty making it stuck on very low RPMs which the car tries to help by reving itself.

  • ChurninButta

    Just realized, how many Lambo's does DDE have now? New #1 LAMBORGHINI AMBASSADOR on LVdown?

  • Brandon Reese
    Brandon Reese

    Toxic green!!!! Bug killer!!!!

  • Jerry Herdt
    Jerry Herdt

    thestradman: Hey did Ed bolian own this Murcilago at one time?

  • anshu sharma
    anshu sharma

    Paython green gtr should be great with carbon hood

  • JDM PandaYT
    JDM PandaYT

    update on the gallado?

  • Project Rancher
    Project Rancher


  • Soflybutterfly5

    man think 102degrees is alot but arizona was 123

    • Ty Christensen
      Ty Christensen

      Yeah but here in central/northern Utah where the Stradman and I are at it's not normally this hot, SLC was 107 last week, that's a new record. I came from Southern Utah this weekend and it was 110 in St. George and 115 in Mesquite, NV.

  • lorenz legaspi
    lorenz legaspi

    Maybe he should wrap it satin dark green?

  • Luke Tannar
    Luke Tannar

    You gotta wrap the GTR a skittles green

  • Minefrontz

    Cars know how to turn me on as well 😳⚠️