Just a General Update Video.
Love you Pops.

  • Lambofambo180

    James, can you buy a 1999 Honda civic and mod it? It would be super funny and would probably get lots of views lol!!!

  • Adrian Ortiz
    Adrian Ortiz

    4:46 FULL SEND!!!

  • Juana Santiago
    Juana Santiago



    rest....in...peace your dad

  • Caleb Aguilar
    Caleb Aguilar

    My dad got me into cars

  • Brandon Hillgoth
    Brandon Hillgoth

    2:24 “I don’t want my legacy to b this I want my legacy to b in line with my dads legacy” damn

  • Brandon Hillgoth
    Brandon Hillgoth

    0:31 “there’s a love there’s a passion that I have for cars but that is so uncomparable to the love that I have for my father”

  • Anba Wannas
    Anba Wannas



    Model car room

  • BrutalDubstepZzz•

    Pink and black

  • Lincoln E.
    Lincoln E.

    Cotton candy do blue like the Aventador but in the interior in of the roadster

  • Alex Watson
    Alex Watson

    This is your dream garage so its smart to build a safe storage room cuz who knows what you might want to keep very well protected in 10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-89.3 years

  • Alex Watson
    Alex Watson

    If the dash is staying black pink and black it matches better and block will go with the black carbon fiber covers


    Stradman you my favourite LVdownr please reply to my comment

  • hellomomlol

    White interior would be so nice🔥🔥

  • Frank Vee
    Frank Vee

    Definitely black interior with some pink accents. The black will still keep the car masculine, while white AND pink will make it look feminine. My condolences, James.

  • Ryan Schreibman
    Ryan Schreibman

    Even though I have not lost anybody, except my great grandma and grandfather, which were Very old when they passed, for your father, i know he would be very proud of we’re you are standing today.

  • Tyler Donnelly
    Tyler Donnelly

    I hope you feel better

  • Abdul jaleel
    Abdul jaleel

    You never truly heal from the pain U just get better at faking it

  • Alfie Richmond
    Alfie Richmond

    I think white for the inside

  • Dalton Goff
    Dalton Goff

    U are so strong I could never do what u do

  • S5oggyChair

    White interior

  • Eli Roden
    Eli Roden

    you awesome man stay strong i know i’m late for the vid.

  • PrettyBoyPops

    It would look so clean with white interior and pink accents🔥

  • Savvas

    Sorry for your loss man god bless.


    May the 4S B with U

  • Griffin Salerno
    Griffin Salerno

    Can anyone help me on where his gallardo went?

  • toxicgamer9601

    White pink

  • Gothy Chris
    Gothy Chris

    The house is coming on, really like seeing the progress.

  • Jeff The Carrot
    Jeff The Carrot

    i kinda like the white one more

  • Alexander Minnas
    Alexander Minnas

    I know exactly how you feel I lost my grand father last year to a stroke he couldn't talk walk or even make simple movements it's the worst thing to see ever but like you said they are up in heaven now

  • Kristy Stouffer
    Kristy Stouffer

    l love your videos and sins l love your videos l will always be nice to you l love you

  • Giovanni Anthony Rodriguez
    Giovanni Anthony Rodriguez

    You white interior look more clean

  • Craig Palmer
    Craig Palmer

    white interior for sure

  • MW2Master918

    Damn dude I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your dad man, it’s never goodbye, just a see you later. You had me tear up a little man, god bless you.


    R.I.P StradDad but I lost my aunt to Cancer and It took a toll on my Father and seeing my Father cry and in pain it hurt me and i cheerish my father for that

  • Aidan McCue
    Aidan McCue

    100% do all white

  • AR Perez
    AR Perez

    Hey my dude, I know your inner strength will see you through this. I know that when times are dark it seems impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We met once a long time ago when I lived in Utah and all I can say is you should hold your head up high knowing you made your father proud of everything you accomplished. I hope when you read this you can feel the energy of love I’m sending your way. Be strong and remember the love you and your dad shared, that is the best way to keep him alive and enjoy him, in your memories 🙏🏽

  • Far Fear
    Far Fear

    Correct me if I’m wrong but liberty walk looks best on a aventador

  • Soumya C
    Soumya C

    Use the white will be nice

  • shawn kirk
    shawn kirk

    (I'm just watching this) but for the vault put the car keys in there

  • Christian Hodges
    Christian Hodges

    Love you Strad!

  • Bhays19

    I’d personally stay black interior but do the Lamborghini logo and pirelli logo in white and do the stitching in pink.

  • B-Bazz Racing
    B-Bazz Racing

    all white

  • Richards Adams
    Richards Adams

    Pink and black interior

  • savlatjon avazov
    savlatjon avazov


  • Chris Cipollone
    Chris Cipollone

    definitely go for the all white

  • Samuel Williams
    Samuel Williams

    i think the all white interior would look amazing

  • Harry Houghton
    Harry Houghton

    Pink and black

  • Jean x10
    Jean x10

    Whenever I he stradmans video,he makes my day Happy and Amazing😃.I am being Honest

  • John Felix Marcos
    John Felix Marcos

    All white to match the wheels

  • Suleman Taibani
    Suleman Taibani

    All white interior

  • Chara P
    Chara P

    Pink & Black for the interior!!!!!!!

  • Raging Lion
    Raging Lion

    You should do all white

  • ShAuN LeViN pInTo
    ShAuN LeViN pInTo

    Black and pink always

  • seb -
    seb -

    I have an idea, what was your fathers favourite colour? should do the interior like his favourite colour!

  • Ayhan Hakan Tekin
    Ayhan Hakan Tekin

    all white

  • Asmahan Umer
    Asmahan Umer

    Full white bro ofc they'll pop. Not pink please

  • Abdelrahman Ayyad
    Abdelrahman Ayyad

    pink and black

  • Andrew Bush
    Andrew Bush

    Yeah the pink is amazing! It just looks so good!

  • bachar kamal
    bachar kamal

    man ur making me cry

  • June O Halloran
    June O Halloran

    I. Feel. Sorry

  • Antonio Regla
    Antonio Regla

    Do interior pink and white 😏

  • Perry Odom
    Perry Odom

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      Perry Odom

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    • Sidney Horn
      Sidney Horn


    • Sidney Horn
      Sidney Horn

      Telegram 👇👇👇

    • Sidney Horn
      Sidney Horn

      Letton Deb

    • Sidney Horn
      Sidney Horn

      Facebook 👇👇👇

  • Fabio's Pro gaming
    Fabio's Pro gaming

    I think white and pink would look amazing, because the wheels and colour.😃

  • IkonIx

    Bro sorry about your dad. But no cap all white interior would look soo good

  • Stephen Andrews
    Stephen Andrews

    Have you ever got robbed in that house

  • Stephen Andrews
    Stephen Andrews

    Have you ever almost got robbed

  • DaveyC34

    All white 💯

  • J Patrick
    J Patrick

    I hope my sons feel that way about me

  • Colton Taylor
    Colton Taylor

    Pink and black

  • Nexz_2hot0

    Amen sorry for your loss 🙏🏻🕊

  • Courtney Jones
    Courtney Jones


  • Petrichor

    I personally would LOVE all white

  • Sreehari Girish
    Sreehari Girish

    i liked all white

  • HDBassMusic

    When i saw the title and thumbnail i clicked faster than the speed of light😂

  • Ethan M
    Ethan M

    Go black and pink

  • Ethan M
    Ethan M

    My dad survived a “widow maker” when I was twelve and thank god we were on vacation because the hospital where we were performed an absolute miracle because they performed a bypass surgery and removed a clot that caused the heart attack. Where as if we were home our hospital would have sent him home with a pen and a bracelet and told him he had a asthma attack.

    • Viper

      Whats a widow maker

  • Dav I
    Dav I

    Leave the interior stock

  • Logan Caudill
    Logan Caudill

    with the wheels beimg white, interior has to be white 1000%. maybe even tint the windows white too...? just a thought!

  • Vaibhav Chandwalker
    Vaibhav Chandwalker

    white and pink

  • Nick Van
    Nick Van


  • DaFluffyPizza

    I’m so sorry for you I hope you heal up

  • Wira Yuwana
    Wira Yuwana

    I think full white interior is better

  • Epic Editer???
    Epic Editer???

    Why did u have to say that in the intro I'm CRYING!!!

  • Alan Blasczyk
    Alan Blasczyk

    Black with pink would rock on the interior.

  • edward carrasco
    edward carrasco


  • Isaiah Haulk
    Isaiah Haulk

    I am so sorry to hear that your dad died, I know how you feel, and I like that pink Rosa Lamborghini aventador roadster.

  • zenebuy Imam
    zenebuy Imam

    Im with u

  • Fortune Gaming
    Fortune Gaming

    All white

  • Kdog_the_legend

    All white

  • Rohan Reid
    Rohan Reid

    Was else think stradman's house is gonna be sick

  • Benjamin Bartis
    Benjamin Bartis

    Blaxk and pink i think

    • Benjamin Bartis
      Benjamin Bartis


  • Amar

    pink interior without a doubt

  • Terrance Asche
    Terrance Asche

    Do black with white stiching to bring the white in more and keep the clean black look

  • Derek Kelley
    Derek Kelley

    Pink and black

  • Jdm fan x Zendaya
    Jdm fan x Zendaya

    Pink and black

    • spencer ray
      spencer ray


  • Jdm fan x Zendaya
    Jdm fan x Zendaya

    Some of aunties died keep push and hustling strad 🙏🏾

  • Sultan Almajed
    Sultan Almajed

    Rip to your dad I love u stradman dad

  • Anri Kakabadze
    Anri Kakabadze

    White interior gang

1 milj.