Meet my 1-Off Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador Widebody!!

Lets get Burlacher to 300k!

  • Lambofambo180

    James, can you buy a 1999 Honda civic and mod it? It would be super funny and would probably get lots of views lol!!!

  • ZEW

    Ai cel mai urat lamborghini de l am vazut in viata mea sa mor :(


    Lamborghini cars like this r my favorite


    Wow the this car is like super awesome

  • Nate Muse
    Nate Muse

    !when is your gallardo going to be done?!!?!!!!!!!

  • X Baki
    X Baki

    R.I.P. papa strad and when you started video you sed is gona be prety day

  • Trudie Vries
    Trudie Vries

    suns out bums out lol

  • Albert Wang
    Albert Wang

    Looked better without the wing imo

  • Market Trader
    Market Trader

    Strad is rich now lol

  • Luca's Car Reviews
    Luca's Car Reviews

    Probably the last video that Papa Strad watched 😔

  • Digital

    When you dint have a wife you have all the money in the world

  • Boof Lord
    Boof Lord

    I'm not gonna lie, I really don't like the pink Aventador

  • Perry Odom
    Perry Odom

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      Perry Odom

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    • Sidney Horn
      Sidney Horn


    • Sidney Horn
      Sidney Horn

      Telegram 👇👇👇

    • Sidney Horn
      Sidney Horn

      Letton Deb

    • Sidney Horn
      Sidney Horn

      Facebook 👇👇👇

  • Khanapos B.
    Khanapos B.

    Hi~ :>

  • Stephan hammond
    Stephan hammond


  • splashy clan scat
    splashy clan scat

    I love this car

  • Muhammad Khan
    Muhammad Khan

    His neighbor are what's inside

  • Nyanyul Auger
    Nyanyul Auger

    His house is gonna look so cool

  • Nyanyul Auger
    Nyanyul Auger

    I got a sick caliber colour if you can try galaxy

  • Dylan Shanks
    Dylan Shanks

    I remember subbing at 800k, oh how he’s grown 🥺

  • mylifeisDope

    hey bud love your enthusiasm. im not trying to tell you what to do but look into using crossed ratchet straps vs straight back. lot of pros to not crossing them. keep up the rad videos :)

  • Luke Daniel Galon
    Luke Daniel Galon

    can't wait to see this

  • Tyler Ortiz
    Tyler Ortiz

    Rest In Peace Strad Dad

  • The Daytona
    The Daytona

    I wish I could make you feel better about your dad the last time that you had fun with us I waited and waited so patiently through that hacker stealing all your hyper cars I wish I can make you feel better Strad

  • K. Teschner
    K. Teschner

    You are everything I want to be and you achieved everything! What are you doing for a living?

  • Valiant Cashew nuts
    Valiant Cashew nuts


  • Charles Miller
    Charles Miller

    You should go on a rally with savage garage next time they go on one with this car

  • İsmail Emre AKYOL
    İsmail Emre AKYOL

    when you said the lambo was gonna be pink, I was shocked and disgusted. but damn, this car looks absolutely amazing.

  • onin rejua
    onin rejua

    1of1 annoying

  • alexander razmadze
    alexander razmadze

    Rip your dad we will remember him

  • Reid Jacob
    Reid Jacob

    Can we get a all time car collection video i really love your content and i would be really exited if you could do that.

  • Anna King
    Anna King

    Hycode auto correct

  • Anna King
    Anna King

    Or it's Hycade idk

  • Anna King
    Anna King

    Don't put rocket bunny on the c8! Hycade can do even better

  • onin rejua
    onin rejua

    the beutiful car in utah and the owner is annoying

  • Alex

    Adding more weight and painting it a girls color. You can't buy taste and class.

  • yousif al.
    yousif al.


  • Lucidfrosty Yt
    Lucidfrosty Yt

    Roll model always smiling no matter what

  • Limey Ocean
    Limey Ocean

    this car shoul be in fast & furious 9

  • Shadow Knight pg3d
    Shadow Knight pg3d

    Is the gallerado coming back?

  • Jomi The Biker Dude
    Jomi The Biker Dude

    Wow you did what you said in the video when you sold your car to Jeffrey star you said you would make a lambo pink :D

  • Jomi The Biker Dude
    Jomi The Biker Dude

    Wow you did what you said in the video when you sold your car to Jeffrey star you said you would make a lambo pink :D

  • Tactical Officer
    Tactical Officer

    Stradman Did You Get The NEWS The CONTRACT For Your House Is CANCELED !!!!!!

    • Aman Ashraf
      Aman Ashraf

      Ya who told you about that?

    • Khizer Hussain
      Khizer Hussain

      Who told you

  • Jordan J
    Jordan J

    for the c8 should be red

  • ゴDio-chanゴ• 69 years ago
    ゴDio-chanゴ• 69 years ago


  • TheGamerWithGuns

    I just rediscovered this channel it’s been so long 😭

  • Lord of Peanuts
    Lord of Peanuts

    I haven’t been here in a long time, so many more cars

  • Br4ndon

    now we know he isnt going to sell that and we know why...

  • Junior Oltain
    Junior Oltain

    Please show the Mclren sabre ITS SICK DUDE imagine you buying that car but you probably don't have that much Money

  • Jay Playz HD
    Jay Playz HD

    Who’s watching after his dad passed away 😭😭🥺😢😭😭

  • Ralph Wright
    Ralph Wright

    Praying for you and your family bro James, God bless you and yours!!!!!!!!!!

    • Asher Mesher
      Asher Mesher


  • JMnitro

    2:08 yes ✊😤🔥 9:45 learning with Burlacher 😂

  • Sherif H-J
    Sherif H-J

    U need to get white tire stickers

  • Sino Mkhithika
    Sino Mkhithika

    I love how you are such a happy soul.


    hey strad just wanna ask a question what is the news of the guardo?

    • ゴDio-chanゴ• 69 years ago
      ゴDio-chanゴ• 69 years ago

      Whats a guardo?

  • Matthew Markert
    Matthew Markert

    That hood panel gap is wonky and I can't unsee it.

  • Eddie100

    Wow, amazing how they made that much progress with the house in 2 days. In New York, all that can easily take 2 months.

  • Valdemar Perez III
    Valdemar Perez III

    "Hey guys welcome back to the vlog!!!!!"

  • Fire ball
    Fire ball


  • Aaron Gilbert PhoneTube
    Aaron Gilbert PhoneTube

    Jesus there is so many toxic assholes in this comment section..... It doesn't take that much brain power to understand that his dad passed away! This video was posted on May 2nd and you are all still complaining that he didn't post for a week! _a week_ Get over yourselves.. I watch Dan and Phil and Dan hasn't posted in 2 years! You guys can wait a damn week!! Give this guy some respect..... Thank you for reading..

  • Zr. Zirrusfox
    Zr. Zirrusfox

    yes pink accents

  • Zr. Zirrusfox
    Zr. Zirrusfox

    thas not the best burlacher angle

  • Thad Wemp
    Thad Wemp

    Blue sparkle calipers

  • Mr Independent7
    Mr Independent7

    Lime Green calipers!!!

  • Vỹ Lê Triều Cao
    Vỹ Lê Triều Cao

    a week ago:james is happy this week: sad tears R.I.P papa strad

  • Joey Raffaele
    Joey Raffaele

    Calipers should be white with pink lettering

  • Tronix Gamerz
    Tronix Gamerz

    who came here because you cant see stradman crying

  • Memesbro 420
    Memesbro 420

    Whoever disliked this vid deserves to go to hell

  • Arch Boi
    Arch Boi

    its very true he will never sell this car and take the most care of it

  • Xî-ThAcłone-îX

    Do green and white text

  • Cori Schoen
    Cori Schoen

    Is that your dad

  • Riva Jazwiec
    Riva Jazwiec

    mhmm... never selling the car huh? and then jeffree star offer jeffree star's money lol

  • Fishey Stickey
    Fishey Stickey

    Sorry about your dad

  • Ahmed's gaming
    Ahmed's gaming

    Dude where did your tesla go?

    • ScorpiusHD

      he cancelled the order of it about 8 months ago

  • Ryaan Raza
    Ryaan Raza

    Lov your c8 corvette

  • JP Flora
    JP Flora

  • narrrco

    hey stradman, i recently lost my grandpa about 3 weeks ago. you got a great personality man, always fun to watch, keep up the hard work. you are an inspiration to many people.

  • Pyro_Chris

    Who else came here because they couldn't bear seeing James sad, it's rare and hits different, we all love you James

    • iAmAnonymousTom

      Being sad when you have White Privilege? 😆😆😆

    • Anthony DelGandio
      Anthony DelGandio


    • Radley Sooknanan
      Radley Sooknanan

      @blazeplaze Same

  • Rehan Murtaza
    Rehan Murtaza

    what happened to the video he made today

    • Rehan Murtaza
      Rehan Murtaza

      @Tronix Gamerz i know that

    • Tronix Gamerz
      Tronix Gamerz

      his dad died because of 2heart attacks

  • Johnsport s
    Johnsport s

    Just around the corner my boxing gym is there, he in west valley city utah

  • Jarmo Pauw
    Jarmo Pauw

    Brother.... you almost made my cry🥺 i lost my mother to cancer when i was 3 years old she was only 28 and she suffocated in her own blood. If you need to talk im always there for you bro just dm me when you need to (insta is Jarmo_030_) if you want something off your chest or wanna talk about it i am always here to talk. It scared me to see you cry i see how much he means to you brother and it makes me sad to see you in this pain. If you need to talk im here bro...... Rest in peace to your dad he was a great guy.. and my condolence to you and your family....

    • Dripkidben

      @Jarmo Pauw yeah np man

    • Jarmo Pauw
      Jarmo Pauw

      @Dripkidben thanks bro🙏🏻

    • Dripkidben

      Omg bro I’m so sorry for your loss I can’t imagine how hard it is to loose my mom at such a little age may she Rest In Peace🙏

  • McBloxer

    Where video where he said his dad died

  • King18_YT

    Strad what happened to the sound affect you made at the start of your videos?

  • Seth Brooks
    Seth Brooks

    And I live in Wisconsin

  • Seth Brooks
    Seth Brooks

    I have never seen a Lamborghini in my life so this is the place I go to see them

  • Cooper Hall
    Cooper Hall


  • Domplayz


  • Abdul wasi Khanzada
    Abdul wasi Khanzada

    So ya and sorry again for your loss and bye

  • Abdul wasi Khanzada
    Abdul wasi Khanzada

    I am really sad for you and for your mom because i know she will miss your dad too

  • Abdul wasi Khanzada
    Abdul wasi Khanzada

    Hi so i wanted to say that i feel really sorry for your loss, the reason is that i saw your new video and I couldn't comment on it

    • Kimo IRA
      Kimo IRA

      @LVdown Enjoyer bro I’m in stitches hahaha

    • CowComix

      @LVdown Enjoyer ikr

    • YouTube Enjoyer
      YouTube Enjoyer

      I like the fact u made 3 comments one after another

  • TAH__ 1
    TAH__ 1

    Rip to papa strad

  • Marlin Smith
    Marlin Smith

    Sorry for your loss bro your dad will be missed fly high🕊🕊 rip

  • Play Masterz
    Play Masterz

    Rip papa strad fly high

  • McLeMoN

    Cyan calipers would look delicious ngl

  • Tino Delen
    Tino Delen

    I am very sorry 4 ur los


    Do the breaks green !

  • Lil Slim
    Lil Slim

    Pink calipers on the corvette and blue paint on the pink lambo!! 👽🛸

  • Arsenio Montijo
    Arsenio Montijo

    Dude says sequit lol

  • John Mbuthia
    John Mbuthia

    Heeey man please recieve my sincere condolences it shall be well I pray for peace and strength for you and your fam😪😪😪😭😭😭

  • bhdjsfv378;a'

    Rest In Paridise.

987 tūkst.