I Installed Lambo Doors on my Former Boss' Mustang!
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  • Luke Barrett
    Luke Barrett

    i love it


    Funny how he probably had more money then his old boss

  • Jason Christoffersen
    Jason Christoffersen

    Pls lambo Doors on the bug.

  • Elijah Caudill
    Elijah Caudill

    You should here my dads ford gt mustang it sounds mean

  • Shahwaiz Asim 7E
    Shahwaiz Asim 7E

    Yeah 1.8mil likes the views are 1.6mil

  • Sunny borah
    Sunny borah

    Wow it looks cool😍😍😍

  • Yeet Man
    Yeet Man

    Put a muffler on your Tesla

  • Baconhair Gastélum
    Baconhair Gastélum

    6:49 Oskar is a fluff

  • reshmi prathap
    reshmi prathap

    WoW so cool car

  • TheKnordyke

    StaradMan Jeffrey Star Want You To Come To Her Manion

  • Master Xpert
    Master Xpert


  • Alex Watson
    Alex Watson

    The only way Lamborghini doors on anything besides a Lamborghini is acceptable is if your friend did it

  • Software Tech Tip
    Software Tech Tip

    Wait when do you have a Bugatti?

  • Brayden Wolfe
    Brayden Wolfe

    That mustang looks sick


    On that Bomb Shell"Top Gear Cool

  • Camren Dubay
    Camren Dubay


  • Lorhn Frazier
    Lorhn Frazier

    3:28 well hmm

  • SamerGamesYT

    Him: lets get 400- Him again: actually lets make it 1.8 million Me: tf bro u only got 125K likes

  • Lashundra Howard
    Lashundra Howard


  • Joshua’s land
    Joshua’s land

    Lamborghini Aventador+ Shelby GT350= Lamborghini gt350

  • Catarino Costa
    Catarino Costa

    Dam labo doors my dream car bug

  • Mastiff Pitbull
    Mastiff Pitbull

    Purple 🤢🤮

  • Sarah Fritts
    Sarah Fritts

    Nice Bugatti

  • cohen bowers
    cohen bowers

    that intro was the biggest flex in my life

  • Confident Crab
    Confident Crab

    johnny is having fun

  • Katie Wood
    Katie Wood


  • Priya Nagpal
    Priya Nagpal

    The juicy booklet ethnopharmacologically mine because plow chronically rush till a ubiquitous bridge. busy, wrong mimosa

  • Jone Espinosa
    Jone Espinosa


  • Benjamin Serrano
    Benjamin Serrano

    Do it to my Dodge Charger please

  • Dinesh Sanjeewa
    Dinesh Sanjeewa

    i have a bugati veyron super sport i paint stard logo in the car

  • The Artsy Fartsy Drummer
    The Artsy Fartsy Drummer

    Reminder that James used to have to push a busted audi around a McDonald's parking lot. Nowhere to sleep or shower.....took no help from noone, risked his savings on a flicking lambo and a video camera.... Now look at him....makes me weep...proud of him

  • Bot

    Honestly Ford Mustangs need to be made stock with those doors.

  • Edward Roessler
    Edward Roessler


  • Georgia Banks
    Georgia Banks

    Put Lamborghini doors on the GTR

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith

    Why purple? That looks crap! My god

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    温哥华房地产史蒂夫Steve Zhang Real Estate Services

    is that your house at the back?

  • Mothercityguy

    Please send my car for Shocks CVS and stabaliser links🤣

  • Khoury Santomassino
    Khoury Santomassino


  • Kayla Scott
    Kayla Scott

    That’s not a lambo door that’s a konegsige door

  • Tristan Steele
    Tristan Steele

    I wouldn't be mad at all 😂 that's so cool

  • AggeTheHotdog

    looks sick but feels sooo wrong

  • #AllYoutubers

    Dude this is so cool 😮

  • dante martinez
    dante martinez

    Felt bad for the dog at 7:15 man dogs got sensitive hearing having that loud as exhaust near him must’ve been torture.

  • Edijs Lv
    Edijs Lv

    U talk so fast that i had to pute it on 0,25 spede tolisen

  • Allen Carpenter
    Allen Carpenter

    then he puts regular doors on the lamborghini aventador

  • Nova am
    Nova am

    So we not gonna talk about the lambo in the other garbage at 10:36

  • sheluv wkeys
    sheluv wkeys

    do u have a lisp by any chance just wondering not in any rude way

  • Tom Chaffer
    Tom Chaffer

    i have an idea put lambo doors on the c8

  • Jack Rose
    Jack Rose

    See that's why I like Stradman, he does the lambo thing (which actually does look pretty cool) and then right after says "no worries I'll pay for it to go back if you want." Legit one of the only actual wholesome channels on LVdown.

  • Tina c
    Tina c

    im sorry but whats the big deal about a supra isnt it made by toyota not a super car company

  • Lubna Ahmed
    Lubna Ahmed

    Me just seeing his face on the exsafast

  • Christopher Garcia
    Christopher Garcia

    I dare you to drive does the Bugatti Chiron forever I dare you

  • cf pioquinto
    cf pioquinto

    These guy doesn't care about money

  • SubaruWay

    That blue piece of sht is not supra, it's a BMW crappy car.

  • James Ezekiel Tolentino
    James Ezekiel Tolentino

    How about bugatti with lambo doors😎

  • Tuna Hilton
    Tuna Hilton

    Hi bionic

  • ?EliMax Ape?
    ?EliMax Ape?

    this looks nice

  • Steven Neidlein
    Steven Neidlein

    supra aren't fast the 2021 supra only has only 382 hp

  • veršany

    Don’t worry you’re welcome to prank me any time 🤣

  • Hotta Cook
    Hotta Cook

    I love Oscar

  • Rofiah Sarumi
    Rofiah Sarumi

    Purple bumblebee

  • ?Mr. incredible?
    ?Mr. incredible?

    How many speeding tickets do you get

  • Hockeyboy5x


  • Adrianne Jaramillo
    Adrianne Jaramillo

    Hey I need those toys

  • cosmicprogmd

    Nice gtr r35

  • Mr. Pizza Joey 🍕
    Mr. Pizza Joey 🍕

    @Drew Peacock

  • Josh gaming125
    Josh gaming125

    That Shelby what doors going up it’s kind of like a Lamborghini now

  • D. Chronic
    D. Chronic

    Bro.... Get a couch!!

  • Jojo Sika
    Jojo Sika


  • lifes a bruh
    lifes a bruh

    oh no

  • chevie7480

    I have a few questions and you have a lot of cars


    you mean suicide doors

  • Ryan Conlin
    Ryan Conlin

    bro that case you keep all you keys in is cool but non effective i could easily open that within 10 mins with a crow bar

  • Paul A
    Paul A

    U should put lambo doors on the bug

  • Penguin Plays
    Penguin Plays

    my man is rich

  • Gabez

    he riced his mustang.. awesome.

  • JMnitro

    1:21 sheeeesh 😬😳

  • BramsFromRaleigh

    when you're so rich that you just switch cars with your rich best friend

  • Phoenix Rand
    Phoenix Rand

    That’s kinda fire

  • gamer srees
    gamer srees


  • Noah-brawlstars


  • Drago

    damn, this is a great legit video. i will deffinately subscribe and recomend this stuff to my friend. if u read this then i hope u know im being sarcastic, and ik i misspelled, but it just adds.

    • Drago

      @smooples.mp4 me or the vid? lol

    • smooples.mp4


  • Fabian Lim-Brooks
    Fabian Lim-Brooks


  • Ely Rock
    Ely Rock

    I predict that in the future videos from rich people like this one, will be frown up on.

  • tajindersingh hehar
    tajindersingh hehar

    No it does not make sense

  • Bex Finch
    Bex Finch


  • Abdul wasay
    Abdul wasay

    Surprise burlacher with a supercharger on it and johny with a pure turbo and vf engineering tune

  • Abdul wasay
    Abdul wasay

    OK bro

  • Rc_Erik

    It’s a bit ricer just a bit

  • Zenox ien
    Zenox ien

    Do a gold digger prank

  • Markus Q
    Markus Q

    nope it sound horrible

  • Mohammed Suleiman
    Mohammed Suleiman

    can you prank me?

  • My Xbox
    My Xbox

    Like who doesnt like oscar he is so cute

  • stephanie geary
    stephanie geary

    u r my FRV

  • stephanie geary
    stephanie geary

    OMG bionic

  • dumb kid who knows to much
    dumb kid who knows to much

    currently not paying attention to the car and looking at that white dog

  • Ezavier Atler
    Ezavier Atler

    Where is he i live in Albuquerque New Mexico

  • Umar Farooque
    Umar Farooque

    Dont sell the mclaren!!

  • Umar Farooque
    Umar Farooque

    5:01 That's as confusing as mustangs whith lamboo doors