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Julian Avila

  • Ronnox

    I LOVE how excited you are for the new house! I remember when I moved into my new house. I was SOOO excited!

  • Spoger

    4:50 made me laugh🤣🤣

  • Bee Leng Tan
    Bee Leng Tan

    Hey Stradman I realy realy love ur dog (AKA)OSKER he’s soooooo cute I love him!!!!!

  • Car shows, mansions, and food vlog🔥
    Car shows, mansions, and food vlog🔥

    Everyone, please help me out by subscribing to the channel. I’ll be going through the entire country, looking at mansions, exotic cars, different foods and all kinds of cool stuff. Every sub helps so much 💜

  • YeeGaming

    What about the big garage build ?

  • Aayush Kanwar
    Aayush Kanwar

    So good bro

  • Lynne Connor
    Lynne Connor

    Hahahaha. He's got two pizza ovens. HAAAAA. I love this kid!!!

  • Tr 235
    Tr 235

    2:22 ThAts the owner of my company house. It’s amazing. Crazy Christmas party there. !!! Draper baby !!!

  • Dz TecH CoMmuNitY
    Dz TecH CoMmuNitY

    9:59 he did it!

  • Aidan Gaming
    Aidan Gaming

    Wow 2 months already

  • Techno jr
    Techno jr

    Quote of the day : I have 10 cars and not a single spoon time to become a adult 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski

    Gotta have a giant house when you're one person. Talks about how much room it has and how he can't fill it lol 😂. What a waste of $

  • Mothercityguy

    Thank you Mr and Mrs Burlacher

  • Joshua R
    Joshua R

    Long way from an Audit TT with a broken fuel pump!

  • Mihir Parikh
    Mihir Parikh

    14129 Para Adams Dr, Bluffdale, UT 84065 Nice house

  • Ison Joby
    Ison Joby

    Looking at his GTR reminds me of Smokey Nagata

  • MerU

    His relationship with Oscar is so cute

  • Mike Alves
    Mike Alves

    Surprised you didn't put a Lamborghini body as a bed frame

  • TheDemobus/Auto creator's
    TheDemobus/Auto creator's

    April fools

  • conga rat
    conga rat

    i came back a year later and this looks pretty good

  • SparksNCars

    8:13 💀🤣🤣

  • Ethan Willis
    Ethan Willis

    you made this on my bithday

  • Fxx threeZ
    Fxx threeZ

    "I own ten cars and not a single spoon, let that sink in" most legendary quote of 2021

  • sochyvonn nora
    sochyvonn nora

    Why are you so loud.

  • mr. pickles
    mr. pickles

    I just came back to his channel after like 1 year can someone pls tell me if he sold his og aventador

    • Aman Ashraf
      Aman Ashraf

      No he didn't sell it

  • Spencer

    Fun fact: the big ass white house that you were filming in draper belongs to Justin Bieber's manager.

  • My life in video style
    My life in video style

    Wh∆What you have fi-Fiv-FIVE HOUDE NUMBERS I HAVE 2

  • Matt Aaron
    Matt Aaron

    I'll donate some of my fiancée's furniture for a ride in the bugatti!!!

  • Vishay Motheelal
    Vishay Motheelal

    Stradman buy a donk

  • BOBO

    Congrats on the new place. well deserved!!

  • Samuel Harris
    Samuel Harris

    Oscar should have his own room

  • DaN_Vapes

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Stradman: dose it have water 🤨 it DOSE 😳😲😲


    Rip .papa strad

  • Nevan Paras
    Nevan Paras

    He only have cars XD

  • Nevan Paras
    Nevan Paras


  • webchamp930

    Stradman is so freaking obnoxious, how in hell is he so popular? I watch him once in a while and it makes me want to jump out of my skin 🤮

  • JMnitro

    8:03 dear god this is insane 😅 8:10 bruh 😂

  • JMnitro

    Stradman: this is not a April fools joke Also Stradman: shows a mansion like house but it’s not the rented one...

  • Violetisthebest

    What if you getting fired was a April fools prank from burlacher


    Papa strad is gone may his soul RIP

  • Aalim Virani
    Aalim Virani

    On April 1st is my birthday

  • Ph1nza

    😲 We've got water 🤣

  • BradK

    Gold diggers be like:

  • shauna cohn
    shauna cohn

    Hahahahah - we got water!!! Funny bugger

  • Bdog Gaming
    Bdog Gaming

    Normal people: we have food on the table but we have to sacrifice our car Him: I don’t have silverware and I can’t cook but I have 10 cars

  • Nahyan nv
    Nahyan nv

    The og's knows the microwave keys

  • FeArLesS Gaming
    FeArLesS Gaming

    Can I move in with you please?

  • Chloe Cabanlit
    Chloe Cabanlit

    This guys is really a sucker for cars 😂😂what a guy 👏👏😹

  • Finnan

    Money didn’t change him

  • sxmolin

    April 1st our sales team was told we were all loosing our jobs. Now as of May 3rd, I’m starting a new job! It’s on to bigger and much better things!

  • Cam Megazzini
    Cam Megazzini

    How u afford so many cars lol 😂

  • Bongo Journey
    Bongo Journey

    He need som weed and chill and think lol

  • Matthew Conrad
    Matthew Conrad

    THATS ONLY 10 MIL ???

  • J2G

    4:51 Lol

  • Kevin Sandberg
    Kevin Sandberg

    Lucky guy.but enjoy your vids.

  • Ruben Martinez
    Ruben Martinez

    Love the kitchen stuff 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • hugo pena
    hugo pena

    You leaked your rented house 😂😂

  • Bruce ATL
    Bruce ATL

    What about the limo that u barried

  • Lance

    This is why strad is one of my favourite youtubers of all time.

  • Benjamin Siefert
    Benjamin Siefert

    Start a merch store

    • Aman Ashraf
      Aman Ashraf

      He already has one. Look at his backpack

  • Unkempt

    Drive the aventador more

  • Kyle Matta
    Kyle Matta

    I feel like I’m watching a vista rhymes video with all of the camera angles


    Driving in a Bugatti and telling a dude in a C8 nice car dude... 😅😅😅

  • Saransh Puri
    Saransh Puri

    The new house is literally 1 minute away from Burlacher's?

  • Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy
    Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy

    Let’s get you an Aquascape Ecosystem Pond at the new pad! I’ll soon be your new neighbor in Heber City! 👊

    • Done

      That would be sick but it might take him a bit after what happened

  • Nao Me
    Nao Me

    I just have to say this... uhm,, he looks like my dad

  • sagar aher
    sagar aher

    without Burlacher , there would not be a stradman. let that sink in......

  • Ghostly

    My bath is bigger GET REKT

  • Lamborghini Urus 2021
    Lamborghini Urus 2021

  • Maurice

    aw man thought u were gonna build your house


    johny be like:were happy hes gone hahaha🤣

  • David Pack
    David Pack

    How much did it cost

  • TTV ToXxy
    TTV ToXxy

    as this point i just feel bad for the neibghors lol

  • Eric

    Bro your fucking energy lol. I can't even keep up with it😂 Nice video btw👍

  • ꙰

    your buggati is really ugly

  • IMVU Clips
    IMVU Clips


  • Liam Compagnone
    Liam Compagnone

    0:09 what was that

  • Craftsmen

    Congrats on the new home Stradman!

  • Dank memes
    Dank memes

    he forgot to blur his adress

  • xander brewer
    xander brewer

    he turned to the empire kingdom and i started hyper ventilating

  • dom cusano
    dom cusano

    My ambition is to own a Bugatti and 3 Lamborghinis before a house

  • David Stein
    David Stein



    We going to ignore that he walked in the tub with shoes 🤢 i know Americans walk with shoes indoors but in the tub🤨

  • Desmond McNeill
    Desmond McNeill

    You are the type of person that would love to live in a converted van.

  • Desmond McNeill
    Desmond McNeill

    This is the only person in the world that will be like: "I got 8 cars! and 3:11 "check this out we got a kitchen!"

  • Dawson Dempsey
    Dawson Dempsey

    Yo get a girl and she will fill the house with exactly everything... that you don’t need

  • josephTV

    sir please gave me motorcyle for my study sir😁

  • AZE_chicken 10
    AZE_chicken 10

    5 years and over 500 video but we never got to see Ms.burlacher (Also I know she didn’t want to be on camera so you don’t have to tell me that)

  • Ackeil White
    Ackeil White

    8:12 LOL

  • Görkem

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  • Muhammed Ali Demirkol
    Muhammed Ali Demirkol

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  • Eğlence Merkezi
    Eğlence Merkezi

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  • Mustafa H
    Mustafa H

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  • İçerik Bigi
    İçerik Bigi

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  • serhat duruyüz
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  • elmami delpatron
    elmami delpatron

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  • Mehmet Kömeç
    Mehmet Kömeç

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  • movie movie
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