Taking Delivery of my NEWEST CAR!
Stefan will buy a Donk if we get him to a 100,000 Subs by next week LOL

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  • Lambofambo180

    James, can you buy a 1999 Honda civic and mod it? It would be super funny and would probably get lots of views lol!!!

  • Foxxeys Out
    Foxxeys Out

    why do u say bombshell so much lol

    • TheStradman

      Cause it’s fun

  • Manisha Nulavi
    Manisha Nulavi

    Did he bought bugatti

  • Satvik playz
    Satvik playz

    Lol I actually smashed it

  • dan

    trust me james, it pours ever 2-3 weeks here in ohio. I was literally born and raised here.

  • Jeremy McDonald
    Jeremy McDonald

    Oh my gosh and U passed my state WVa and you in my grandfathers state and home place of Ohio ! Lol awesome

  • Jeremy McDonald
    Jeremy McDonald

    Wow the blue Vette is so pretty it’s my dream car I can’t believe u have the same as I would want ! I love it!!!! So glad I found this channel u make me laugh so much buddy I’m happy for ya!

  • zzzzzsleeping

    You are always 500mph heart beats and your eyes always glossy

  • brian bazzy
    brian bazzy

    If you know anyone looking for a 2021 C8 3lt in rapid blue I'm selling one

  • Nikhil Reddy
    Nikhil Reddy

    mclaren sabre is my dream car so it is pretty cool seeing james drive one

  • kinda sus
    kinda sus

    dang the sabre

  • herpes_free_since_03

    Supercharge it!

  • Karan Beast
    Karan Beast

    Buy lamborgini urus

  • Wizzleman

    I wanna meet you so bad I love cars

  • Perry Odom
    Perry Odom

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    • Perry Odom
      Perry Odom

      Thanks for the recommendation guys. I will be looking forward to earn from my first Investment with her.

    • Sidney Horn
      Sidney Horn


    • Sidney Horn
      Sidney Horn

      Telegram 👇👇👇

    • Sidney Horn
      Sidney Horn

      Letton Deb

    • Sidney Horn
      Sidney Horn

      Facebook 👇👇👇

  • audrey strahm
    audrey strahm


  • Robert Pawel Freitag
    Robert Pawel Freitag

    Bro 👍💪👌Grüße aus Studdgard Germany

  • Musa eye
    Musa eye

    This man buys cars like a toy

  • james ball
    james ball

    HAHA I SAVED A DOLLAR YOU AINT GETTING MY MONEY if you can guess were that was from I posted that

  • fagmieda davids
    fagmieda davids

    I lost my grandmother in 2020 June 12 i was so Hart broken but u learn be happy I am sorry to hear about your dad but u know he is in a better place

  • Ricky Singh
    Ricky Singh

    Sick car!!!!!!!!/take the car to Utah.

  • Ocean Dab_fan
    Ocean Dab_fan

    Fart brain

  • Ocean Dab_fan
    Ocean Dab_fan

    Yes yes yes yes yes

  • Ocean Dab_fan
    Ocean Dab_fan


  • Ocean Dab_fan
    Ocean Dab_fan


  • Ocean Dab_fan
    Ocean Dab_fan

    Chese burger

  • Ocean Dab_fan
    Ocean Dab_fan


  • Zoila Belliard
    Zoila Belliard

    On march i was at that hotel right by the waffle housr

  • AstroDude likes Mars
    AstroDude likes Mars

    Petition for stradman to buy a supra because why not

  • lilToxic

    I am back on this channel when he bought giardo

  • Luke Daniel Galon
    Luke Daniel Galon

    don't understand

  • Josh Skewes
    Josh Skewes

    I thought he said mclaran senna like that is my Favourite car😂

  • jonny Boy
    jonny Boy

    I live literally in the same valley as this kid and have tried to say hi 👋 but get ignored every single time.... doesn't really care for his fans does he..

    • Damain Williams
      Damain Williams

      I highly doubt that

  • Wyatt

    Your car was delivered on my birthday 😅

  • Micah McCann
    Micah McCann

    You were in Parker’s crossroads Tennessee and I didn’t know. That’s where I live



  • A_ Person_747
    A_ Person_747

    Good luck Trying to get a tune on that.

  • Mike Alves
    Mike Alves

    I really like this channel stradman seems like to be a cool dude and I really like how he doesn't like always put the price of everything I know it's expensive and all that stuff but you know not everything he does he says how much it cost this and that and I like that I don't know maybe I'm the only one but I hope he gets 10 million subs good luck man I hope you get a record that you dream of

  • bennny6988

    Texas Roadhouse shout out.....I work at the one in Turkey Creek, TN

  • The Daytona
    The Daytona

    The man himself is back in that seat back in the C8 Corvette my man I love you

  • iAmAnonymousTom

    Ah, yes. The King Of White Privilege.

  • Lucy Burns
    Lucy Burns

    I could never conceptualize forgetting a hypercar at Walmart 😂

  • The Italian Dandy
    The Italian Dandy

    go for the streethunter x tjhunt widebody kit for the C8

  • Andreas Gavalas
    Andreas Gavalas

    Hennessey it

  • Riya Singh
    Riya Singh

    I want that Mercedes gls for mine

  • Commando Gaming YT
    Commando Gaming YT


  • Avery King
    Avery King

    Anyone else notice how he selected the Memphis, Indiana directions?😂

  • Brian Baker
    Brian Baker

    Yo I don’t know if this is even possible but if it is you should totally try and make it happen. There is even a blue one near the end of the video. Hypervette lvdown.info/cd/j5F4hoXW0498qaA/video.html

  • Adrian Fandivila
    Adrian Fandivila


  • Adrian Fandivila
    Adrian Fandivila


  • 350Z gang 2
    350Z gang 2

    Lol James and his Texas road house

  • James Bishop
    James Bishop

    Hycade looks like an amazing kit for the corvette!!!

  • Gavin Snyder
    Gavin Snyder

    It’s so crazy that a car that starts at under $60,000 actually does not look out of place with all those multi million dollar hypercars

  • Caleb Jorgensen
    Caleb Jorgensen

    James, you totally gotta do this with the C8, it looks absolutely insane! lvdown.info/cd/j5F4hoXW0498qaA/video.html&ab_channel=hycade

  • Aarav Luthra
    Aarav Luthra

    Where are your order to Gauri is

  • Reid Neumann
    Reid Neumann

    Ya lost me at c8.

  • Halima saleh
    Halima saleh


  • Jaxnz

    wait for the street hunter kit

  • SEN KYLE 父
    SEN KYLE 父

    I have lived in Cincinnati my whole life and we literally have the worst weather ever

  • Cooper Scroggins
    Cooper Scroggins

    I live in Cincinnati and drive on that bridge all the time. Now I know that a you have been on it.

  • JMnitro

    2:28 what?😀...... DISSAPOINTEEEEED!!! (But sadness aside, cool color literally🔥) 7:03 😂

  • Edmund Teo
    Edmund Teo

    Show us your car collection

  • OF2 TrEy
    OF2 TrEy

    bro I live in Kentucky

  • Samboy 2010
    Samboy 2010


  • L G
    L G

    lvdown.info/cd/j5F4hoXW0498qaA/video.html This is the body kit you should have on your c8

  • Ryan

    Fully customized C8 Corvette or stock 2005 Ford GT?

  • nny332

    Rip dad

  • Ryan van Noord
    Ryan van Noord

    June 8 is my birth day😂 wauw that is funnny.

  • Coronaa86

    First KFC was in Corbin, KY. Been there many times lol. Even have a small colonel sanders museum in there 😂. I wonder if you and I were at the same TR that night?

  • henrys007

    Corvette in your vlog will only generate less views and less likes. Vettes are sooo lame and boring.

  • henrys007

    A Corvette??? For real? How lame! Emilia, Damon from DDE, all had that piece of junk. Damon got rid of it.

  • Mocha225

    Maybach donk coming to a vlog near you

  • Dirt Worx Photography
    Dirt Worx Photography

    That estate tho wow!!

  • archie_chap 13
    archie_chap 13


  • couch surfer
    couch surfer

    I was expecting something else not a c8 corvette

  • Tronald Dump
    Tronald Dump

    Really wanted to watch this, but you never stop shouting.

  • Travis Hartley
    Travis Hartley


  • Alexaoo

    God damnnn you talk too much

  • Abu Bakar
    Abu Bakar

    You have all cars


    a question your the owner of all those cars right if you do and you have an mc learn P1 which is my Favorite and dream car your so lucky

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    Now James has a car which has a extremely good road presence 🥰

  • JC

    Way to much animation. It’s getting a bit redundant. No matter what or whose car you drive. Your animation and imaginary laughter are still the same. I really enjoy your videos due to your high energy, but you need to change it up just a bit and also include Burlacher, Johnny and Stefan more often. The banter between you guys is hilarious and I really enjoy that instead of you driving a car or talking about your Aventador paint color. Sorry, Just one man with one opinion.

  • John Ward
    John Ward

    Stefen & Strad butt buddies

  • Oneironaut

    that was really close to the 918

    • Oneironaut

      @nieooj gotoy wtf are you talking about

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      pretty tacky color tbh issa no from me dawg

  • Mothercityguy

    Me patiently waiting for the day James keeps a car

  • Toad21 Yt
    Toad21 Yt

    you guys can see the speed tail rear end on the mclaren sabre

  • Jacob Prentice
    Jacob Prentice

    add the widebody kit and straight pipe the c8

  • Limitless Unknown
    Limitless Unknown

    10:46 Can someone tell me what car is that?

  • Game Of Phones
    Game Of Phones

    Get a mark 4 supra plzzzzzzzzz

  • Sam Feldbruegge
    Sam Feldbruegge

    I live in Kentucky right off Ohio which is where you passed it is right if that yellow bridge I saw your car

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    Are we just all going to ignore that my man literally drove past the worlds first Mega car in the car he was literally driving with one of my favorite hyper cars in Forza horizon 4

  • Jason Bauer
    Jason Bauer

    "You have a car in Memphis!" Sad Stephen Sounds

  • Nicholas B
    Nicholas B

    This video sucks dude.

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    James cruising around in that C8 gives me remembrance vibes of him and Tessa cruising around after buying the first one

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      5 days we wheeled the crap out of them !!! w. that said nobody from ford could tell us when the first 2 door is actually is going to be made !! 4 door starting in next few weeks !!

  • Caden King
    Caden King

    Crazy a Chevy is just chillin with all those exotics

  • Hades

    Wow I don't even know what are the cars he has anymore 😂 PS: could someone tell me ?

  • osiel rodriguez
    osiel rodriguez

    Giveaway for me lol amazing man

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      Love stradmans energy i wonder if he's that happy off camera and just in every day life.

  • DaBurna Games
    DaBurna Games

    say with me james maybach is pronounced “MAY-BACK”

  • Tyler ernst
    Tyler ernst


  • Captain Ike
    Captain Ike

    I’m trying to figure out are you the guy who showed up to your old job and filmed it if so I’m thinking about doing that rn at mines.

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