Painting my Lamborghini Aventador Pink!
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  • AMG no yeet
    AMG no yeet

    6:46 aveta-no-door ha

  • Kamden Valdiviezo
    Kamden Valdiviezo


  • Noh Micheal
    Noh Micheal

    I'm sorry that your dad died

  • Emily James
    Emily James

    *I made 36.000 usd with my investment of 5.000 usd, I didn't make the trade my self. Expert Linda Henderson made the successful trade for me*

    • Emily James
      Emily James


  • Emily James
    Emily James

    *I made 36.000 usd with my investment of 5.000 usd, I didn't make the trade my self. Expert Linda Henderson made the successful trade for me*

    • Emily James
      Emily James


  • Syed Bareeq
    Syed Bareeq

    U should get R34 🔥🔥

  • McSnackn

    Go spend your money on something useful or donate instead of buying multiple cars and quit flexing on 9yr olds plz

  • Benny The RolliNstOner
    Benny The RolliNstOner

    You're doing this just so people can hate on you and you can get veiws

  • dark heze
    dark heze


  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams

    How did a 12 year old get trapped in a grown mans body!? Oh wait, he doesn’t even have a grown mans body... haha

  • Sehajpreet Singh
    Sehajpreet Singh

    SEMA 2021 GET READY!

  • Sanoj Wickramasinghe
    Sanoj Wickramasinghe

    The boosted rose had made you a song go check him out

  • John Andrei Rafael Javier
    John Andrei Rafael Javier

    I cant wait to see the lambo i love aventador

  • Devygames Bhoy
    Devygames Bhoy

    Hi stradman, first I would like to say, sorry about your dad , it’s a horrible world we live in when we need to say goodbye to the ones we love. Was just watching a mat Armstrong vid there a like him but he copy’s you so much with the hand movements 🙈🙈🙈, anyway I would Like to ask a massive favour me and my son would love a e92 m3 if you could make that possible I would be willing to come over to your new build and help out with the drywall , Ano that sounds cringy but you don’t get if you don’t ask, thanks mate keep the good vids going 👍👍

  • It's Mimzycatt
    It's Mimzycatt

    Oops didn't mean the last two emojis

  • It's Mimzycatt
    It's Mimzycatt

    Hi stradman my little brother is obsessed with you. you are all he watches. The other night my dad say you driving your blue Lamborghini and he videod it for my little brother Jack. And that morning we watched this vid and we saw to same strad license plate. We love you so much💖💖💖💖💖💖😊😊😊😊😪😪

  • Teddy bear super cute
    Teddy bear super cute

    James ur crazy

  • t w
    t w


  • Scratch Cards and Collectible Car Toys
    Scratch Cards and Collectible Car Toys


  • 1 9
    1 9

    Why pink

  • Rodrick Campbell
    Rodrick Campbell


  • Rodrick Campbell
    Rodrick Campbell

    I thought it was the COO

  • jacaughron55

    Just come out of the closet already


    It will really look like mr beast colour

  • Tae's tea UwU
    Tae's tea UwU


  • Mothercityguy



    LVdownrs have horrible taste

  • Kameron Palmer
    Kameron Palmer

    Buddy I’m sorry for ur lost

  • GamingWithCooler Reactions
    GamingWithCooler Reactions

    Hey Sasha Banks Is Missing From The WWE AND IT'S SERIOUS

  • Mr_Goose10

    What made you want to paint it pink?

    • LamboDude54

      Pink is terrible. I know he was choosing between blue and pink. Pink doesn't belong anywhere near a Lambo. I definitely would've picked blue over pink any day of the week. Personally, my favorite color for a Lambo is lime green.

  • Mr_Goose10

    Man i would be lucky to be those neighbors

  • Smriti Limbu
    Smriti Limbu

    Don’t brag girl

    • Smriti Limbu
      Smriti Limbu


  • Abayyuddin S
    Abayyuddin S

    Brother,saya dari Indonesia,saya ingin memiliki mobil Supercar,boleh saya minta 1 mobil Supercar y,🙏🙏

  • Josiah ping
    Josiah ping

    I don’t hate the color... as long as it doesn’t spread onto other cars.. 😂

  • John D Abram
    John D Abram

    Hey Yu-Gi-Oh and I guess see you in December 14 20/20 12

  • Yuko

    This dude changes car mods like he’s playing Forza

  • Jason Bauer
    Jason Bauer

    The white looked so good tho

  • Tim mellick
    Tim mellick

    Hi I’m looking for someone to paint a paint splatter on my hellcat I have a splatter wrap on there now I want it taken off and painted I’m very serious and am ready as soon as possible I’m scared to have any one doing it. You can contact me on Instagram @redrum_redeye_63 or Tim Mellick Facebook I got your name from some good friends of mine I’d appreciate a reply thank you for your time

  • Jan Crafford
    Jan Crafford

    Stradmans pink almost looks like a copy of DDE's Lark GTR build.

  • Antonio Bold
    Antonio Bold

    I wish I was there too x))

  • Ryan Batley
    Ryan Batley

    Jeffree Star: 'I need Stradmans Aventador'

  • Deryck Henson
    Deryck Henson

    you are worrying the shit out of me with those deep ass inhales in that paint room after glass was just sprayed. tryin to eat lunch and can barely chew

  • XSU

    This man is living life and when I say he’s living life he living life bro

  • Luke Genord
    Luke Genord

    “I’m never going back to paint ever again” James

  • Lucgaming16

    It looks red but also pink I LOVE IT!

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User

    Might be my lack of knowledge (having only done duo coats and a single tri coat of paint) but I think the first piece that we see being painted here is done without method to the madness.......

  • Blizzfn


  • onin rejua
    onin rejua

    your not shy that your annoying

  • Aubrey Stewart
    Aubrey Stewart

    I can’t wait to hear the orange Lamborghini roar

  • Aubrey Stewart
    Aubrey Stewart

    Put a wide body kit on every car you have

  • Travis Hartley
    Travis Hartley


  • Younes

    At 10:18 u just see him Stephen in the corner🤣😂

  • BuD Ssss
    BuD Ssss

    If i have one of those i will be contented in my life esp. The Lamborghini Aventador. Haisss 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Big J 500
    Big J 500

    You gotta go show your car to Jeffree Star!

  • Charles E Newkirk
    Charles E Newkirk

    He def selling the LW Aventador to Jeffree Star as soon as its done. So obvi

  • YoGoPro 1
    YoGoPro 1

    Someone tell me what color it is because everytime I try and listen to the color name I can’t understand a word he says

  • H4 4EVER
    H4 4EVER

    Why on earth would you do that? Terrible girly color

  • Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago
    Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago

    Jeffrey Star will be proud.

  • BarracudaBoi790

    He forgot to give the picture of the Centanario.

  • Cole Morrison
    Cole Morrison

    Bro please fix the white on the left side of the roof

  • abdulla hasan
    abdulla hasan

    I'm no expert but that looks ugly af to me.

  • Thunder-ghost 201
    Thunder-ghost 201

    Is it just me or deos the lamborghini look like a transforner in the thumb nail

  • TrailMaster 848
    TrailMaster 848

    What have you not told us Stradman????? 🤔😂

  • TrailMaster 848
    TrailMaster 848


  • Irfaan Khan
    Irfaan Khan

    Love the lambo colour

  • Irfaan Khan
    Irfaan Khan

    It actually looks nice with halve wrap on the gtr

  • sim77755

    "Utah sun"

  • Kersachi

    The left roof stripe is off a bit

  • Dawid Pawelczyk
    Dawid Pawelczyk

    Its look like shit 😨

  • Lawr800 Channel
    Lawr800 Channel

    When it’s done you should show jeffry the person you sold your supra to

  • bobsponge

    now he can sell it to jeffree star

  • Seth’s Gaming Channel
    Seth’s Gaming Channel

    Waste of money

  • Jim Mindy
    Jim Mindy


  • Logan Tanner
    Logan Tanner

    You're just taking orders for Jefree Star now, lol.

  • Kevin Lovmo
    Kevin Lovmo

    You should do something INSANE to celebrate 3m subs.

  • Kevin Lovmo
    Kevin Lovmo

    Can you take off the roof more often because it looks so much more cooler.

  • hina Ali Chagani
    hina Ali Chagani


  • Tushar Goyal
    Tushar Goyal

    Who knows maybe he selected that colour because he planned to sell the pink aventador to Jefree Star easily


    What is missing in the vase are the roses, so you always appear alone without the presence of a blonde with you... I wish you bright and optimistic luck🥳

  • Linnill Winston
    Linnill Winston

    Didn’t think he’d paint it pink. I’m convinced you and Damon talk on the phone all the time now.

  • Azan Sajad
    Azan Sajad

    I hope you put white stencil sponsors on your JDM car 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Maynard Obligacion
    Maynard Obligacion

    im waiting for it to see at the sun if its all pinked that will be so sick yo you killed your lambo bro Good Job

  • Fortis Fortuna
    Fortis Fortuna

    white wheel?, 🤢

  • Captain Hawking Republic Forge
    Captain Hawking Republic Forge

    Money Flex.

  • Ory Giesbrecht
    Ory Giesbrecht

    Did you copy the lambo from the Jeffrey star video?

  • familia faria
    familia faria

    Stop it, get some help!!!

  • Andrew Abustan
    Andrew Abustan

    new thumbnail

  • D cashhh_
    D cashhh_

    He needs to blurr his address next time. Talking about blurring the license plates haha

  • nekitha friend
    nekitha friend

    sweet i like it only because one of my fav colors is pink

  • Kyle C
    Kyle C

    10k paint ain’t expensive

  • Naheek Ibrahim
    Naheek Ibrahim

    Bro your future is fun


    Please get the Lamborghini aventador Sv roadster or coupe and the Lamborghini huracan evo rwd spyder or coupe

  • JapanDEV

    *yes* keep it pink

  • Jackson Barone
    Jackson Barone

    Get the GTR pink


    that colour is so sick you should do more cars like that stradman with white wheels

  • Myks Garage
    Myks Garage

    Keep Stephan off the channel

  • Porash S
    Porash S

    Isnt it time to go 4K ? ??

  • SlightlyWarmPizza

    Look at that 1980 Jeep Wagoneer in the back at 7:24 ! I also see a strange white pickup further back, but I'm unsure what it is.

  • invaderviv _
    invaderviv _

    i want to see yours and TJHunts lambo out together when theyre done! two beautiful colors layed down!

  • Etienne Douat
    Etienne Douat

    I see you got a little inspiration on Jeff Star's Rolls-Royce... Got to admit paint in neon pink is a little over the top for me but that being said. This car is going to look awesome... The color also reminds me of Solomondrin's CGT... In one word... Wicked...