Buying my Most Expensive Lamborghini Ever!!
Check out my Lamborghini V12 search results here on AutoTempest and let me know what you think, did I buy the right car!

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  • Slowed prod.
    Slowed prod.

    Its crazy how the stradman is someone who used to live in his car and was homeless and now he's worth $2.5 million!!

  • Rian Jeffery
    Rian Jeffery

    Is it just me or did he buy this car and only driven it in this video and maybe be a different one but you know 😂😂😂😁

  • Lambofambo180

    James, can you buy a 1999 Honda civic and mod it? It would be super funny and would probably get lots of views lol!!!

  • VGAMER20

    A race with DDE's Lamborghini Murcielago ?🏁🏁

  • Matthew Raczkowski
    Matthew Raczkowski

    How mich did it cost again?

  • Cida Morán
    Cida Morán

    Him or mr beast, wich one is the richest?

  • max kasperzak
    max kasperzak


  • Zealand Wylie
    Zealand Wylie

    Not gonna lie. The only nice cars in your driveway are the murcy and the red c6

  • Subdood44 Games
    Subdood44 Games

    i love the bugati veyron i love it

  • Ivor Kratohvil
    Ivor Kratohvil

    Not a fan of these personally but congrats on the pick up

  • somethingdevilYT


  • twomad 360
    twomad 360

    Thanks for bragging on us!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • A-Team-Boys

    Bro congrats, I’ve been here since 100k subscribers

  • Florida Videos & Emergency Responses
    Florida Videos & Emergency Responses

    i think this dude is richer than mrbeast

  • Ze Chonky Fox
    Ze Chonky Fox

    how do you afford all of these cars?!?!?!

  • Wendy Lescsak
    Wendy Lescsak

    And stradman try to get a lamborghini aventador sv spider

  • Wendy Lescsak
    Wendy Lescsak

    Is it.the gallardo

  • Lysbeth Mutgeert
    Lysbeth Mutgeert

    i like the lamdo

  • Niraj Miniq Sukkamon
    Niraj Miniq Sukkamon

    I saw a ninja 400 in the truck ,nice

  • Jerald Frediles
    Jerald Frediles

    From the cheapest to the expensive Lamborghini

  • Shnagans lmao
    Shnagans lmao

    Didn’t you have a galarodo before the orange one? I didn’t know how to spell


    When u getting the gellardo back

  • Michael Costello
    Michael Costello

    Congrats! You deserve it!

  • Sia Marshall
    Sia Marshall


  • Hi シシ
    Hi シシ

    LVdown logic: Person1: congrats! His reply: lol 😂

  • geigeipro1 geigeipro123
    geigeipro1 geigeipro123

    I am sorry for your lost

  • Trick shot GAMING
    Trick shot GAMING


  • banana

    dababy Lamborghini

  • G B
    G B

    As if we needed more evidence LVdown is filled with morons…. This guy has 3.2 million subs? Our country is doomed. Bunch of morons

  • Rage Jr
    Rage Jr


  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    Hey James what’s your dream car? I bet you could buy it ;) mines a 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1

  • Ti7

    Me: How did you become rich? Him: I am good friend of MrBeast Me: Ohhhhhh

  • Late Bloomers
    Late Bloomers

    The absolutely legendary camera angles that take place at 6:20 -6:38. Serious stunning

  • reconbeatz

    Well I got the see the lambo urus in person today. What a beautiful car! I stumbled upon his house while I was out working! Haha

  • Emmanuel Marcos
    Emmanuel Marcos

    I still remeber how excited you are on your first :)

  • Ben Stroupe
    Ben Stroupe

    I know for a fact that that Lamborghini is not the most expensive one ever made. The most expensive is the Lamborghini Egoista, comes in at about 117 million dollars. Good luck getting your hands on one, they’ve only made one and chances are Lamborghini isn’t selling it.

  • Amahru Sims
    Amahru Sims

    Car giveaway 👀😂😂😂

  • Bo Spaceman
    Bo Spaceman

    wanna watch a screaming man screaming,wtch srtdmn....

  • Teal_XP

    Stradman: Were Flying High in the sky Me: hes standing 2 ft above the ground

  • VixmYt

    Lol i just got reccommended before this one: buying the most cheapest lambo aventador in the nation😂

  • Nini

    U know what funny in the video the meet that 3.2million mega car that is embarrassing the hyper cars industry when say the same 40th anniversary mercy lol

  • Jane Wittmayer
    Jane Wittmayer

    Looks like a basket of Easter Eggs.

  • EthanMX Gaming
    EthanMX Gaming

    More vids Come on James

  • Mxfiaz

    The strand an should get a infinity super car with a body kit and a spoiler Edit: we’ll make it a super car

  • Mr_Vip

    Hey how u are so rich?

  • TDOG2

    As soon as I heard the start I was like it’s definitely a murci

    • Chahrazed Labiod
      Chahrazed Labiod

      1of sound it is so good

  • Estanislao Micoh
    Estanislao Micoh

    can i get a heart frm u james?

  • WC Novius
    WC Novius

    Stradman, congrats on the new car. If you do get a new luxury SUV, plz get a Range Rover


    Bro in our Indian accent we say mer-cci-aaloago


    Dude besides the car you are awesome your excitement will lift up most the downcast in this time Great Man ...

  • Daniel W.
    Daniel W.

    Now you have almost a full rainbow of happyness. 🔥🍻

  • Mark Majiedt
    Mark Majiedt

    Wide body the BuG

  • Mark Majiedt
    Mark Majiedt

    Wide body the BuG

  • gohan2355

    When the 1000+ supra pulls up and just blows everything he has

  • Howar Plays
    Howar Plays

    I miss the Supra

  • Amit Jindam
    Amit Jindam

    How do you even afford these cars!

  • Jadon Leitch
    Jadon Leitch

    now he has 4

  • Truth

    Haha Autoart 1/12 40th. I own two of them.

  • fatmir doresi
    fatmir doresi

    Congratulations bro I’ve been a fan for years and remember the tt keep up all the good work 🙏

  • Gucci_ Mode
    Gucci_ Mode

    The way he talks to the camera 8s cringe

  • Romel Ramo
    Romel Ramo

    The only thing missing on that car is a wing

  • Exorio Reo
    Exorio Reo

    I’ve seen that street I live In Utah, don’t worry I’ll just break in to your house and steal your car keys XD I’m joking

  • Yvonne Sehwell
    Yvonne Sehwell

    Speaking of gated manual lamborghinis, can u give us a update on the gallrado :) thx

  • Bob The builder
    Bob The builder

    You should get a Lamborghini huracon super trofeo

  • watistangX pr
    watistangX pr

    But my favorite car is Ford Mustang... Dude were is the on yu had

    • Aman Ashraf
      Aman Ashraf

      watistangX pr its burlachers

    • watistangX pr
      watistangX pr

      Then whos??

    • Aman Ashraf
      Aman Ashraf

      The mustang isn't his. Its burlachers

  • watistangX pr
    watistangX pr

    This my fav lambo too.

  • jon plaku
    jon plaku

    Jesh if I hadda known you needed storage I would have offered lol I’m an hour away from Toronto

  • Edgar Aguilar
    Edgar Aguilar

    Bro you're crazy rich you have a lot of sports cars


    What do you do for living:"i buy and drive expensive exotic cars"

  • Mohd Abdul Salam
    Mohd Abdul Salam

    stradman 2 years ago: buying the cheapest lambo stradman now: buying the most expensive lambo Now thats hardwork!!

  • Monty Coleman
    Monty Coleman

    Congrats Strad you came a long way...I remember you buying the Audi for $48,000, and now you have a prestigious fleet


    you need a yellow and orange car

    • Aj shaw
      Aj shaw

      He has a orange car

  • J Fonyi
    J Fonyi

    And now you know why he sold the murci . It needs another engine out service , cause murci needs engine out to do anything .

  • Albus Silence
    Albus Silence

    Why don’t you buy a Ferrari La Ferrari? 😜 But it’s very cool garage! 💪🏻

    • BasicKnowledge

      Stop with the emojis. So cringe

  • Michael Janicke
    Michael Janicke

    Can u do a top speed test on the bug

  • peter tzvetkov
    peter tzvetkov

    so MAF sensor and four throttle body repairs as DDE did and u'll be better :D But Murci life, Stradman :D Enjoy it! It's worth it even with all the minor codes and errors :)

  • Rehan Chand
    Rehan Chand


  • Lambo corrvet guy
    Lambo corrvet guy

    Should we add a Porsche

  • Bryce Hall
    Bryce Hall

    The reason why you don’t have a bigger following is because of YOU! You’re videos are terrible like Cable Tv. Your personality is just so SCRIPTED & ALWAYS HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Talking in that annoying always excited voice. How you talk and act in videos isn’t how you are in reality… if you just acted like your actual self, you’d get more views

  • Stg Bray
    Stg Bray

    Lamborghini gallorado

  • Real Life
    Real Life

    are you rich or something

  • FalconXE302

    Should it not be a Tractor if it's an anniversary vehicle...LoL...

  • Max Ramey
    Max Ramey

    Day 1 of asking you to get an fd rx7

  • Alan Llamas
    Alan Llamas

    Us in arizona laughing at you saying its hot in utah hahah

  • Tucker Ferwerda
    Tucker Ferwerda

    ANSWER ME THIS: Has he done an official announcement for his second channel? I just subbed to it the other day.

  • Shmaksen Jakson
    Shmaksen Jakson

    Bro you are fucked buying murcilago is like having cancer

  • Azufer

    ive literally seen this car in toronto lmfao, that’s crazy...

  • PJ Adamson
    PJ Adamson

    That's beautiful. Please don't destroy the wheels, enjoy.

  • Tor the tame badger
    Tor the tame badger

    Ok lets see! You saw the Murzielago for the first time when you were 13, 17 and 12 years old. That is amazing🤣

  • Ti_Raph

    i have question. where does he get the money to buy that many cars and house and everything youtube alone can't pay that much. so how does he do it ?




    Lol my cousins brother almost bought this one🤣 have fun wit it

  • minecrafter 462
    minecrafter 462

    That murci needs a wing

  • Townsend Rai
    Townsend Rai

    Watched thecintevuew with Graham. His story is so inspiring. Thoroughly enjoyed the interview

  • Eric Kirshner
    Eric Kirshner

    I see a lot of repair bills in your future.

  • Samantha Morris
    Samantha Morris

    You’re made of money

  • Samantha Morris
    Samantha Morris

    How much money do you have

  • brady.loader

    Bro looks pale

  • Matty Crayon - Educational Videos for Kids
    Matty Crayon - Educational Videos for Kids

    Well done! Beautiful car. I bet the 105f had the destiny altitude a lot more above 4000ft, so wouldn't be surprised if that had something to do with it too.

  • K5 Daily
    K5 Daily

    Thats a beautiful blue 💙😍

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